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No Chance

Michael T. Stirling’s second Matt Nolan novel in the series: Nine million dollars in stolen money, a sixteen-year-old girl, and a mysterious man named The Turk–all tied together in an al-Qaeda suicide attack on Las Vegas.

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Acey Deucey

Michael T. Stirling’s debut Matt Nolan novel: A vicious Hong Kong gangster, a triad leader with a legitimate business empire worth millions, and the kidnapping of Nolan’s girlfriend–Hong Kong’s biggest movie star–puts Nolan on a deadly collision course with ancient Chinese traditions and murderous triads.

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Michael T Stirling

Michael T. Stirling

Welcome to Michael T. Stirling’s official website. The site will keep you up to date on when Michael’s first two novels will be published, and  what he’s currently working on. There are excerpts from short stories, personal stuff, his newsletter, and his blog. Michael likes to share, so check out his blog. He updates it when he has something to say, which is often. There are lots of photos from locations in his novels and personal photos too. He answers all of your frequently asked questions, and you can connect to him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sign up for his newsletter and Click here to email him—he’d like to hear from you.

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Praise for Acey Deucey and Reunion

...Reunion... a standout short story... watch for Acey Deucey, there'll be lots of twists and turns... great stuff!

MAX RUBIN author of Comp City